Friday, April 24, 2009


Steven Gerson
Is was to powerful to listen to again.So The Other people would get mad and get into a fight.When you get mad at someone or hating on someone you give them a named that they don't like. I think the person feel angry when you call someone a named .When someone has beef with someone and their hating so they give them a named sometimes.A 8th Grader that is gay was teased.The person who is being teased feel sad and angry but can't fight the teased.

Because he killed someone & because of his skin color.I think its a bad influence when you compare a person when a named is called.He feels mad and angry because he's being called a "Monster" his not a monster.He reacted so angry that he wanted to fight.He feel surprise and angry.what i think he's not a monster.I think Steven is not a innocent in this situation.
I think jury don't look a him as a monster.If i was Jury maybe i think he will be a monster.What Steven did was looking like a monster.

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