Friday, June 5, 2009

Steve "Monster" Harmon

I feel like racism still exist.Racism exists in certain places.I had never experienced racism before.I think Steve Harmon experience racism during the book.

I think theirs racism in our country court system.A few minority get a fair trial not all, because it depends on the cases their in.I agree that Steve Harmon had a fair trial,because he was not guilty in the case.I think Ms.O'Brien feels shock when they selected Steve's trial

I think people say that the country's court system is racist because if is a dark skin case and their a white jury they will blame it on the dark skin people.They say that because they drop out and instead they do drugs and they end up in jail.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Steven Gerson
Is was to powerful to listen to again.So The Other people would get mad and get into a fight.When you get mad at someone or hating on someone you give them a named that they don't like. I think the person feel angry when you call someone a named .When someone has beef with someone and their hating so they give them a named sometimes.A 8th Grader that is gay was teased.The person who is being teased feel sad and angry but can't fight the teased.

Because he killed someone & because of his skin color.I think its a bad influence when you compare a person when a named is called.He feels mad and angry because he's being called a "Monster" his not a monster.He reacted so angry that he wanted to fight.He feel surprise and angry.what i think he's not a monster.I think Steven is not a innocent in this situation.
I think jury don't look a him as a monster.If i was Jury maybe i think he will be a monster.What Steven did was looking like a monster.

Monday, April 6, 2009


The game I enjoyed the most today was Soccer Poetry. In order to play the game I had to Get it right and score over the Golie. My Score was 8 Correct and 7 Scored. I liked this game because it's soccer. To play this game go to this link.

The game that I enjoyed secondly the most today was Baseball Poetry. In order to play the game I had to get it right and hit a home run. My Score was 6 right and 6 home run. I liked this game because baseball is my favorite sport. To play this game go to this link.

The game I enjoyed the least today was from Rags to Rich. In order to play the game I had to get them all right and become rich. My Score was 32,000 Dollars. I least liked this game because It's not a fair game. To play this game go to this link.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What i had learned about hyperbole's is a obvious and intentional exaggeration.Your momma so skinny when she turn sideways she gone.people use hyperbole to describe someone.Yo momma jokes are use daily during school time.hyperbole is my favorite figurative language i had learn so far.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The game that I enjoyed the most was called Pirate Spelling. In this game I studied the following skills Listening to what they say. In order to win this game I had to be more quicker then my partner Carla. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was The Parrot. My partner was Carla P. Carla Had bet me 2-3 in these skills games. To play this game go to this link

The game that I enjoyed the 2nd most was called Simile or Metaphor. In this game I studied the following skills Similes And Metaphors. In order to win this game I had to learn what Ms.Bentley had show me examples about Simile and Metaphor. The thing I enjoyed most about this game was Challenging. My partner was Carla P.It was a. tied between me and Carla. To play this game go to this link.

The game that I least enjoyed was called Alien Punctuation. In this game I studied the following skills Commas,Periods & Question Marks. In order to win this game I had to get them all right.The thing I least enjoyed about this game was the aliens. My partner was Carla P. Carla had won me by 2 questions right. To play this game go to this link

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Limmerick Poem


Music is what makes you move
Music is what makes you groove
Music can be good or bad depending on how its used
Music can make you choose different clothes to wear

Monday, March 23, 2009

My "Big Day" Poem

I hit a home run

It Went Deep over the gate

I Was Exited

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Haiku Poetry

That's my favorite sport.
Is the best sport ever born
I am the greatest

Haiku Poetry

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



I smell the flower straight out of the garden
I taste the bees sucking sweet honey in the nest out the flower
I hear the sun forcing the heat towards my direction
I see butterfly running all over the city
I touch the grass coming out the root just a minute ago

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Limmerick And Cinquain

2009 World Series

I Hit The Ball Poww
They All Say Wow
Bats And Baseball Blowing
Then It Was Snowing
Now baseball ain't allow now


I Love Spider
I Like Spiders On Walls
Spider Webs Are White As White Out

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Limmerick Poem

Mi Name Is Arron Boone
Mi birthday is in June
I Hate Dogs And Cats
I Use to Like Cartoon
But Now i like raccon

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bronx Masquerade Characters Center Two

The book "Bronx Masquerade" is about a group of kids writing about their daily life how everything goes around school and about their feelings and comments about other students in their school.I do not like this book because it has bad comments about other students and it don't have more action in the chapter. Tyrone is my favorite character in the book. What i really like about Tyrone is that he has a comment after everyone is finish talking in a chapter.

What i like about this character is that he has nice comments or nasty comments about someone.Tyrone has a problem and it's that he always talking about someone and then one of these days he's going to get punch in his mouth.What i have in common with Tyrone is that we both have something to say about someone in the inside.Also me and Raul have something in common that we both love painting and that we would love to paint our feelings.Gloria is my least favorite because she has a kid in the age of 15 or 16 and she don't like school so how will her son follow the same as Gloria.

No i have not experienced those kind of problems because i don't like having a kid on my early age and also i want to have a future in school not like them that they don't like school and they do what ever they like.I would refer Gloria and Shankara to Mrs. Owens for counseling because they both female and don't really have a future of school and they both want child they days and the ages of 15 and 16 and they gonna go threw a lot.

Friday, February 13, 2009

2 pOEmS


Mangu All Day
Mangu All Day All Night
With Cheese Like Salami



Home Run
Yell At The Ball
The Ball Is Again Gone
The Pitcher Is Really Mad Know
Like Bye

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My bull is white silver fish in the river,

White shimmering crane bird on the riverbank,

White fresh milk!

His roar thunder to the Turkish cannon on the steep shore.

My bull is dark like rain cloud in a storm.

He is summer and winter.

Half of him is dark storm cloud

Half of him is light sunshine.

His back shines like morning star.

His brow is red like back of a hornbill.

His forehead is a flag, calling the people from a distance.

He resembles the rainbow.

I will water him at the river,

With my spear I shall drive my enemies.

Let them water their herds at the well;

The river belongs to me and my bull.

Drink, my bull, form the river; I am here to guard you with my spear.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simile & Metaphor

Steven Gerson Ms.Bentley
7o2 2/11/2009


My race is awful.My race is like a ocean without waves.

My race is like winning a baseball game 2-0

Mr race is like fighting against my own people.

My race is being part of the Gerson

My race only my race no one cant take it away from me.


My poem is about me being proud about my race.It talks about
how i feel about my race.


What i learn today 2/11/2009 was about simile , metaphor &
Figurative Language. Simile is when you write a poem with as
and like. Metaphor is when you don't use as or like.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Black History

Steven Gerson Ms.Bentley
2-4-09 702

Today i learn about Malcolm X. Today i answer some questions about Malcolm
X and The KKK.I Think That Malcolm X at his time he was very mad about the
KKK kills.He Believe that the Black people could fight back against the KKK. I
would love to learn more about Malcolm X and his history.

I Feel exited about Black history month because i get to learn more about Black
people who became famous at the earlier times.I would like to learn so much more
about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King because their are people who fight back
about their raise. What i have learn so far about Black History is that they are people
to be remember.

I have never read about a Black history poems or written by a black author.So far i
don't know any authors that are black who write story about back in the days when
their where racism in the planet. I do like to write books and poems about Black
History because people may read my poems and Books.