Thursday, January 8, 2009

Black History

Steven Gerson Ms.Bentley
2-4-09 702

Today i learn about Malcolm X. Today i answer some questions about Malcolm
X and The KKK.I Think That Malcolm X at his time he was very mad about the
KKK kills.He Believe that the Black people could fight back against the KKK. I
would love to learn more about Malcolm X and his history.

I Feel exited about Black history month because i get to learn more about Black
people who became famous at the earlier times.I would like to learn so much more
about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King because their are people who fight back
about their raise. What i have learn so far about Black History is that they are people
to be remember.

I have never read about a Black history poems or written by a black author.So far i
don't know any authors that are black who write story about back in the days when
their where racism in the planet. I do like to write books and poems about Black
History because people may read my poems and Books.

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