Friday, February 27, 2009

Bronx Masquerade Characters Center Two

The book "Bronx Masquerade" is about a group of kids writing about their daily life how everything goes around school and about their feelings and comments about other students in their school.I do not like this book because it has bad comments about other students and it don't have more action in the chapter. Tyrone is my favorite character in the book. What i really like about Tyrone is that he has a comment after everyone is finish talking in a chapter.

What i like about this character is that he has nice comments or nasty comments about someone.Tyrone has a problem and it's that he always talking about someone and then one of these days he's going to get punch in his mouth.What i have in common with Tyrone is that we both have something to say about someone in the inside.Also me and Raul have something in common that we both love painting and that we would love to paint our feelings.Gloria is my least favorite because she has a kid in the age of 15 or 16 and she don't like school so how will her son follow the same as Gloria.

No i have not experienced those kind of problems because i don't like having a kid on my early age and also i want to have a future in school not like them that they don't like school and they do what ever they like.I would refer Gloria and Shankara to Mrs. Owens for counseling because they both female and don't really have a future of school and they both want child they days and the ages of 15 and 16 and they gonna go threw a lot.

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